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Monday, October 16, 2006

Jamie's Sister

Could this person be related to the man who made us all cry at Titanic?

Vacancy: Runners for Feature Film
Employer: Sara Cameron Films Ltd
Location: Harrow
Duration: 3 - 20 November, starts 3 November 2006

Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
WANT TO WORK IN FILM?? TAKE THE FIRST STEP... We need some runners for our feature film. We need people who are reliable, flexible and enthusiastic teamworkers. If you are available from 3rd November to 20 November and live in (or have somewhere you can stay) in North London, specifically Harrow / Wembley / Barnet etc, send us your details. We cannot offer any pay but will give you work experience on a film set. We will pick everyone up from a central pick up point (Harrow / Barnet tube stations) and take you to all the locations.

Apply to: Sara Cameron

Wish me luck!

Suze x


Dear Sara Cameron,

I am just dying to take my first steps into a film because I've had
little but frustration since graduating from college a few months ago. I
am just aching to work in production and so would jump at the chance to
work on your film. What roles are you looking to fill? I'd like to
assist directors and producers before becoming one myself but in the
meantime I'd be delighted to make the best cups of tea you've ever

A little bit about me (because I can't send you my CV because it's in at
the Genius Bar in the Apple Store getting fixed) can be summed up in a
few words. I have a Media Degree (but I got a 2:1 so it isn't a bad one)
and am very hard working, reliable as a retriever and flexible as an
Access credit card!

What's your snail mail address? I obviously can't email you my CV but I
can pop one into the post for you.

You've also noticed that I live in West London so I hope this isn't a
problem. I do, however, have the use of my boyfriend's car (he doesn't
need it becuase he injured his leg a few weeks ago) so I could ferry
other West-side crew members to the location or, if necessary, I could
stay in Dollis Hill as he lives there.

This is very exciting. Can I ask what your film is about?

All the best,



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