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Friday, October 27, 2006

Boo to Mandy

This is so not kewl. I just got this email from Mandy:

Dear Susan Bennett,

Your posting requesting free equipment has been removed from
It's certainly not a "job" and we have no sections to post that sort of



Why can you advertise for people to work for nothing but not for people to provide the services of their companies for nothing?


I'm going to give him what for!

Hi John,

I disagree. Employers advertise on Mandy requesting people to provide their services for free so I don't think this is any different. All I'm doing is asking people to provide services for free. I'd be employing them to do it. How is that different?

I'm very disappointed that you say you're providing a service to help people yet don't want to help me.

Shame on you for being so unhelpful.


What a load of meanies! How am I ever supposed to make it when nobody wants to help?

Suze x


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