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Friday, October 27, 2006

Big Shot Producer

I'm sick of waiting to be hired so if the fountain won't come to Mohammed so he can have a drink then Mohammed will have to go the fountain himself. I'm making my own film! Kewl!

Have I got this advertising on Mandy thing right?

I've procured funding to make a full length feature film which will shoot for five weeks in November and December. I'm seeking to create a small team of vendors who are ambitious and eager to have their equipment and facilities used to make a feature film.

Because my crew are on full salaries I don't have adequate funding for equipment, props, costumes, transport or catering. I'm looking to secure the following:

1 - Camera crew's equipment.

2 - Sound crew's equipment.

3 - Computers, phones, fax machines etc. for production office.

4 - Office for production office.

5 - Sound stage for two weeks.

6 - Post production facilities for six months.

7 - Props and costumes.

8 - Food. Hot, vegetarian and salads.

Payment for these will be deferred (albeit at a generous rate) but you will be my first port of call when I make a fully funded feature next year.

Please apply with details of why you are good enough to meet my needs.

Thank you.

Fingers crossed!

Suze x


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