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One girl's quest to land her dream job in telly. It may take a while but enjoy the journey with me!! Suze x

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Crafty Writing for Film and Telly

I was just browsing some sites trying to find some writing tips to help me get this Grape script started when I found this site and this book. Kewl stuff! I can just feel a first draft coming.

Suze x

Thursday, September 14, 2006

TV 7 - Pt 7

Another email from Mark:

I am sorry, I ment that the script for the programme needs to be finnished before we can give an answer.

I am not sure that the characters would be able to say "oh my goodness you disolved sugar" as that would be too much like South park and we would possibly get in trouble with comedy central who most likly own the phrase "Oh my god they killed Kenny"

The programme where they banned water was that they went to an environmental protest and asked people to sign a partition baning water but giving it's chemical name, something that people who know about the environment should know.

When a programme is made the rights of the programme is bought by the production company from the person who comes up with the idea and the rights are then sold to TV channels.

If you can submit a script for an episode we can review the idea alot better
Kind regards,
programme department
TV 7 Ltd

TV 7 - Pt 6

This deal cutting business is fun but it sure is tiring LOL!!

Hi Mark,

So is that a 'no' then?

I'm sorry but I don't understand your last email. Why do you not want to make programmes unless they're already finished? Don't you finish them Mark? Or should I say "don't we finish them" Mark?

I disagree with you about not involving children in understanding current affairs. Perhaps you should imagine how Grape the Cat could be like an animated version of John Craven's Newsround? Remember that Mark?

Oh and I haven't seen the programme you mentioned. What's a partition to ban water? That sounds really really silly but then I've heard that Christmas is banned in Iran. Don't you think that could be a good episode of The Adventures of Grape the Cat Mark?

So, are we still in development Mark?


TV 7 - Pt 5


Mark isn't going for The Adventures of Grape the Cat!!!!! Look at this email:

Unfortunatly we cant make a programme which has not been finished yet.
I think it would be a very bad idea to encourage children to take intrest in any kind of politics or current affairs as in most if not all times children dont quite understand the news and this would encourage children, like many protestors to protest about something they know almost nothing about. You may have seen a programme a while ago where a tv programme went to a protest about the environment and a few hundred protestors singed a partition to ban water.

What's a partition to ban water? Is that like a dam? Were all these children scribbling graffiti on it? Mark is sure confusing me!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

TV 7 - Pt 4

Grape Reader
Originally uploaded by susiebee2006.
I need to develop this idea more if Mark's to go for it...........

Hi Mark,

I've thought that Grape should also encourage kids to take an interest in politics and current affairs. I think I'll show him reading books and papers sometimes.

What do you think Mark?


TV 7 - Pt 3

Yippee!!! I have a bite! The Man is interested!! Fame and fortune are just around the corner. (I might even be able to bring my boyfriend to one of those expensive surgeons that fix footballers knobbly knees as he isn't recovering too well from the accident with the bull in Pamplona.) I got an email from the TV 7 programme department.

Suze x


Questions about "The adventures of grape the cat":
How many episodes do you plan for each series?What is the lenght of each episode?
programme department
TV 7 Limited

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TV 7 - Pt 2

I've discovered that I have some competition amongst the desperadoes desperate to get into telly and get their ideas up on screen but they're wasting their time because I've already had an email from the Programme Department at TV Seven so I'm following up my own pitch and I'm going to win out over all of them and get first dibs on an office in the Programme Department. I've emailed Mark again.

Suze x


Hi Mark,

So I guess you've had a meeting of the Programme Department to discuss my pitch. How soon do I find out if you're going to take a bite of the big time apple? I've been going through my notes for this and am getting quite enthused about seeing my vision on telly. Have I told you about the storyline in which Grape defeats Trevor the Turkey Twizzler with a big stick of celery in a jousting duel at dawn on Hampstead Heath? I'm attaching a picture of Trevor for you. I think he's a good baddie.

Excitedly looking forward to your response.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,


Monday, September 11, 2006

TV 7 - Pt 1

Today I submitted an idea to TV 7, a brand new TV company. Very exciting!! I've even pitched an idea already. Here's my pitch:

Hi Mark,

I have a great idea for a cartoon for kids that I think you'll be interested in. It's called "The Adventures of Grape the Cat" and is about a cat called Grape (he's purple) and his friends Spot the Dog (because his frames are always covered in squiggles so you have to 'spot' him, get it?) and Sugar the Mouse. The cartoon is about their adventures promoting good food for kids (it started out as a pitch I made for an educational programme) and battling their nemesis - the evil witch Cod Liver Oil who is a large bottle of cod liver oil (which ALL kids hate) and who flies around on a large spoon rather than a broomstick. I'm attaching pictures of the characters.

The main theme of the series is that our three heroes try to persuade kids to eat and drink healthily. Even though one of the characters is called Sugar that's because a little sugar isn't bad and Sugar the Mouse is quite small. Unfortunately for Sugar she tends to dissolve anytime there's rain or when Cod Liver Oil covers her in oil so she ends up as a puddle sometimes. It's a bit like "South Park" and Kenny as in almost every episode Grape or Spot says "Oh my goodness, you dissolved Sugar!!" but Sugar always comes back again.

So, what do you think Mark? I think this one's a goer for sure. Where do we go from here? How soon can I get an office in the programme department? (I'd like a south facing one so I get lots of sunshine.) I'll give you a cut of the merchandising as well as a production fee.

I await your response with great excitement.

Best regards.

Yours sincerely,


TV 7 Pitch - Grape the Cat Pic

Grape the Cat
Originally uploaded by susiebee2006.
This is Grape the Cat.

The animation series I'm developing, "The Adventures of Grape the Cat", is named after him.

TV 7 Pitch - Spot the Dog Pic

Spot the Dog copy
Originally uploaded by susiebee2006.
This is Spot the Dog.

I called him that because his frames are always covered in squiggles so you always have to 'spot' him. Geddit????????

TV 7 Pitch - Sugar the Mouse Pic

Sugar the Mouse
Originally uploaded by susiebee2006.
This is Sugar the Mouse. She's a mouse but also a sugar cube.

If it rains she dissolves. This also happens when Cod Liver Oil the Witch pours oil over her. When this happens the others say "Oh my goodness! You dissolved Sugar!!"

TV 7 Pitch - Cod Liver Oil the Witch Pic

Cod Liver Oil the Witch
Originally uploaded by susiebee2006.
This is one of the villains, Cod Liver Oil the Witch. I called her that because ALL kids HATE cod liver oil.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sixth Sense - Pt 2

I received this drippy autoreply email a few minutes after my application:

Thank you for your interest in Sixth Sense Film & Television Limited.

A member of our team will review your application / CV and be in touch as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Sixth Sense Film & Television Team

But then today, to my horror and big disappointment, I received this:

Dear Susan

Thanks for your application for the work experience placement in Birmingham.

Unfortunately on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful.

Best wishes for your future career.


Tim Duck
Sixth Sense Film & Television Ltd

They don't know what they're missing, do they?

Suze x

Elite Television

Another promising prospect............

Vacancy: Runner/ Work Experience
Employer: Elite Television
Location: Leeds
Duration: Temporary possibly Permenant, starts ASAP
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Runner/ Work Experience person needed for busy Production company/ Facilities house in Leeds. Must be availiable full time to start as soon as possible and have own transport. Preferably someone interested in camera/sound and/or editing, this is not a research role. The position is temporary although there is the posssibility of it becoming permenant for the right person. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you think your meet our requirements.
Apply to: Victoria Hesketh

Wish me luck please, this constant job applying is getting me down. :(

Suze x


Hi Victoria,

I saw your ad on Mandy for a runner/work experience person on a temporary/permenant basis and I'm very interested in this job/traineeship.

I'm a student/graduate myself (I'm still waiting for my results so I'm not sure if I can call myself a graduate just yet if you know what I mean because if the tutors find out that I cogged my thesis from an internet site I might not graduate until next year) and as a Jill of all trades and mistress of some have a lot of camera/sound/editing experience using DSRs/Z1s, Dagras/DATs, Avid/Final Cut and other equipment.

I live in the Leeds/Bradford area and have my own transport for at least the next few months (as I'm borrowing my boyfriend's car because his leg is still in plaster after that accident with the bull in Pamplona) at which time I'll hopefully become permenant and be able to buy my own. I hope to become a valuable part of the team at the production company/facility, whichever I fit into best.

I shall forward you my CV as soon as I fix/replace my computer.

Your's sincerely,

Susan/Suze Bennett