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Monday, August 14, 2006

TV Shows I've Seen - Beauty and the Geek

What's the worst reality show then?

Beauty and the Geek is pretty stupid but then it is an American idea LOL! How is that a 'social experiment'? (At least when the Dutch thought of Big Brother they could say it was based on a Nobel winning (or some other prize (I don't know which one it won (or even if it did win one))) novel.) I can just imagine Ashton Ketchup thinking of it and saying to his frat boy doozies at his company

Ketchup: "Hey dudes, wouldn't it be like really interesting to get some chicks like those babes we saw in that club on Sunset last night and then stick them in house with some really dorky doofuses?"

Ass-Kisser: "Yeah man, it'd be like so worth a bet on whether the nerds could learn chat up lines and the chicks could learn NASA math and stuff."

Ketchup: "It'd be our experiment. It'd be a social one except we wouldn't have to go into jungles and shit."

Ass-Kisser: "And wouldn't it be awesome if the dorks had boners all the time?"

I hate that show. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Suze x


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