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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Party Time in Westminster - Pt 2

A reply already!

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the email, but I think it’s already been filled. Funnily enough the job description seems to have stretched on the Production Base Watercooler. It’s for a student with film experience to help out a few ministers with their video diaries, so not really the glamour job with David Cameron!



Drat! And DOUBLE DRAT!!!!!! This would have been kewl.

Hi Sara,

I do hope that hasn't been filled because I'd really like to get involved with a political project. My boyfriend (he's a member of Respect) says it's good because it helps you feel like a swozunt retard (or something like that, I don't quite understand) and because I'm returning to college I am eligible to do the job.

What will the style of these private diaries be? Is it going to be a video diary room like on Big Brother? I won't have to film anything naughty will I? I've heard that some politicians can be right dirty sleazebags and I don't want to have to follow them round to Hampstead Heath in the middle of the night, especially if the infra red on the camera isn't that great. If I was looking through the viewfinder I might not see where I'm going and bump into a tree.

Do keep me posted just in case this great opportunity is still open.

Man (and woman) the barricades!



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