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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DV Talent - Pt 1

I think this job looks kewl so I've applied for it:

Vacancy: work experience placement
Employer: Dv Talent
Location: Highgate, North London
Duration: 6 weeks, starts asap
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

We are looking for someone who can committ to a 6 week unpaid work experience placement, starting ASAP. We need someone with great administrative skills and good attention to detail to help coordinate our TV training courses and our TV Headhunting Agency work (we find experienced AP's, PD's and Series Producers TV work). In return we will offer you the following: pay for your travel expenses (within London) pay for your lunch expenses you can attend our two day Z1 camera DV directing courses free(usually £600) and we will give you a free 2 hour career consultation with TV industry experts. Please only apply if you are available immediately and have the administrative skills we are looking for with references to back this up. Please apply via email - no phone calls please. Thank you.

Apply to: Emma


Dear Emma,

I wish to apply for your exciting job opportunity. I'm looking to get some new experiences under my belt and make some more contacts as well as honeing my DV skills so I think I'd be perfect for this job.

I'm very good at typing (I temp when I'm not working in telly and I'm mega fast!) and so I know how to use lots of software like Word, Excel and Filemaker so I'd be a whiz in the office.

The DV course is also very exciting. Would I be doing it before or after the job?

A last question and it's possible a little cheeky. I live in Archway so because you're in Highgate my only travel expenses would be the wear and tear on my Cons. Could I have a slightly higher meals allowance as the walking does make me hungrier! ;-)

Hope to hear from you soon,



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