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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Creative Applications - Pt 6

I've given up.

But only on this job. I'm sure I'll find plenty more to tickle my fancy!!

Suze x


Dear Bernardo,

So I guess I'm not cutting your mustard or other condominients either. That's a shame. I was so looking forward to coming to work for you. Oh well! Life's a beach and then the clouds come out!

I really had to write to you again to ask you about the money thing. I always think it's good to follow up job applications, even unsuccessful ones, so that I can learn more about climbing greasy poles. (I'm not talking about my neighbours in Hammersmith either so don't call me a xylophobe either LOL!) Was this job part-time or a work experience placement for students? My boyfriend (he's a legal clerk) told me that unless you were taking on a student who had to do work experience for their course you'd be breaking the law and should be reported to the Inland Revenue for breaking the law about minimum wages. I'd really like an answer about this so that I'll know these things for future job applications. I'm very cross that I cancelled a hair appointment a few days ago for an interview that never happened.

Anyways, good luck with your ventures but one word of warning. If you steal any of my ideas and I find out by seeing Grape the Cat giving people samples of prune juice down the supermarket I'll have to behave like a gangsta rappa and "get all legal on yo ass" which will be very easy for me to do because I've copyrighted him and my boyfriend (he's a legal clerk) knows lots about the law.

All the best,

Suze x


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