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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Creative Applications - Pt 5

This is getting silly.

Suze x



It's a shame that you we weren't able to do an interview today. I was quite excited about working for an upstart company with great beliefs. Didn't somebody once say "give a man a lunch and he won't be hungry until dinnertime, set his belly ablaze with passion and he'll want for nothing ... until suppertime"?

I've been asking for advice about this opening and some of the people I've spoken to think I shouldn't take it. My boyfriend (he's a legal clerk) told me that if the job is a proper job then I should really be paid at least the minimum wage for it. He told me that if I don't bring home some bacon too we might have to move somewhere cheaper like Cricklewood or Bethnal Green. Yuck! He also said that it's bad to take people on for nothing and that employers can get into trouble for it. He asked me if I really wanted to know what it must have been like for yooung girls who were forced to work in front of looms for nasty Victorian mill owners. No thank you!

So could you let me know if you will be paying a wage for this job? Then we can arrange another interview time. I had to cancel a hair appointment this morning but I'm free at the same time tomorrow.

Kind regards,


P.S. I worked out the percentage shareholding if there are six other people there not including myself who work five day weeks but I only do two days per week but everything is split evenly depending on who works the most etc. It'd be 5.405405405406%. Phew! I think a wage would be easier to work out!


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