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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Creative Applications - Pt 4

I'm getting worried. No reply.

Suze x


Hi Bernie,

You don't mind me calling you Bernie do you? You can call me Suze, everybody else does.

So when should I come in for an interview? How about tomorrow morning around about 11:30am? Does that suit you? Whereabouts in Soho are you? Which is the closest tube station? I don't want to get lost.

I've been typing up some more of my ideas for things. I have a few more programme proposals and also some ideas for ads. I've had this image in my head of a character called Grape the Cat (who's purple, hence the name) who can go round to supermarkets. Perhaps we could sell the idea to Ribena although maybe they're not the best bet because it's made from blackcurrants. Some people think it's a little silly but I did see an article in the newspaper about a dog that moos instead of barking so I don't think it's that silly really. Besides, Barney is a purple dinosaur so why not a purple cat?

Oh and I was just talking to my boyfriend about the contract stuff (he's a legal clerk) and I was wrong because it isn't equity in the company (so it is actors!) I should be asking for but a shareholding. How many people are in the company because if it's something like seven then that's an awkward percentage and I guess I woulnd't be on the same because I'd be part-time so it'd be the even split then divided down to be two fifths of a normal hare or somethign like that. Anyway, I'll leave the sums to other people like my boyfriend (he's also quite good at maths) and concentrate on the creative stuff myself.

See you tomorrow!



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