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Monday, July 31, 2006

Creative Applications - Pt 2

Dear Susan:

None of us are currently making any money from this venture; it is our belief in the possibilities that the future holds for our company that keeps us going. The position is unpaid, but the possibility of paid work in the future is likely if you come on board with the same belief that drives us.

Please let me know if you are still interested.

Kind Regards,

Bernardo Jarrin


Am I interested? Am I????????

Suze x


Dear Bernardo,

Thanks for your swift reply and apologies for taking a while to reply myself. I've been transcribing interviews all morning and I didn't want to get caught sneaking onto email when I was supposed to be working. Very difficult too as the man was a drug dealer from Liverpool and if you can imagine what Mrs. Wayne Rooney's chauffeur sounds like when he's waiting for her outside Cricket during one of her shopping sprees you know how hard it is to understand them.

Sorry, I'm babbling but I'm very excited by this opportunity as it sounds like you're breaking new ground and it'd be cool to be one of the first people in a fresh and innovative company. It is a pity that you can't pay much but I spoke to my boyfriend (he's a legal clerk) and he said that if it's a new company it might be worth asking for equity (which I thought was for actors) in the company instead of payment. He said that somebody called Cringey was offfered this in Apple years ago but took the money instead and so missed out on becoming a squillionaire. Something like that would be good, especially as I think I can bring a lot to the company (I have lots of ideas) that would make for better telly than a lot of the boring stuff that's on now (Love Island? Snore Island more like LOL!) and it would be great to be able to make them in a young and imaginative company.

I'm sorry, I'd love to write some more and send you an updated CV (I've been reading lots of CV tips on productionbase that I want to pinch so that I can have a killer CV myself) but I have to get baack to work.

I can't wait to hear back from you,


Friday, July 28, 2006

Creative Applications - Pt 1

An interesting ad:

Vacancy: Part-Time Office Administrator
Employer: Creative Applications
Location: London
Duration: Ongoing, starts Immediately

Dear all,

We are a small start up production company in search of a part-time office administrator. We have just recently established ourselves in the creative hub that is Soho, London, and acquired an eclectic and distinctive mix of international award winning directors for representation. We are still in the early stages of development, and need someone who is willing to assist us in all the tasks that are necessary for a healthy business infrastructure.

The candidate must have good computer skills. Knowledge of Access and Excel is essential for data entry and book keeping purposes. The candidate must also have excellent research skills for company profiling and marketing purposes. Other tasks include filing and diary scheduling. The candidate must be highly organised and able to work independently.

The position is on a two days per week basis. It is unpaid, but the candidate will gain valuable experience in the film and advertising industry by working alongside individuals who are passionate about what they do. The opportunity for paid work in the future is possible based on the candidate's commitment to our company.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please email me at

Apply to: Bernardo Jarrin

I think I shall............

Suze x



I am very interested in your advertisement but I'm a bit worried that it's an unpaid position. I left college a year ago with a big student debt and London is a very expensive city to live in. Some people I've worked with have told me that I shouldn't take on jobs like this (even if they are a good way to make loads of contacts) because I should be paid the minimum wage for it and that it's against the law to do this.

Is this true because I would be very interested in the job but not if it means I won't get much money and also wouldn't be able to do other jobs at the same time. (Well, apart from my waiting tables job LOL!) Could you let me know a little more about it please?

Thank you,


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Splash Media - Pt 2

A reply from Marizla!!

Suze x

Hi Susan,

The best thing would be to email me your CV, don't worry if it doesn't have much TV stuff on it, it's just a goodstarting point for us. The job is based in Goodge Street in London and is unpaid, although we would give you a small amount to cover expenses and travel etc...

If you are still interested, send me your CV and I'll make sure it lands on the right persons desk.



Keep an eye out for my progress!

Splash Media - Pt 1

Just saw this posted by somebody called Rizla:

Calling all TV wannabees!!

We are on the lookout for bright, enthusiastic people willing to come and join our team for a week or two of work experience. Some previous experience a bonus, but not a must.

PM me if you know of anyone...

OK then!!

Suze x


I saw that you're looking for people. I'm a recent graduate and I'm just dying to get some work with a good telly company.

Tell me more! I've only seen it mentioned here:

Yours sincerely,