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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Straight Curve - Pt 2

Finally ... a reply. I do hope they don't forget to teach things like the importance of promptness in their courses LOL! Still, I know that already but then again, if they forgot that what else have they forgotten that I don't already know about?

Suze x

Hi Susan and thanks for your email,

Our courses to not give you a formal qualification, we are unique in that there are not teachers or lectures on our short movie making courses, the idea is to give you the opportunity to put your film school training into practical use by supplying the equipment and resources necessary to be able to make a short movie. We put together a production team, supply everything necessary to make the movie and then leave you to it. We do have a mentor on hand to help with anything the team gets stuck on so you are not completely on your own. You leave the course with a DVD copy of the movie which you co-own between the production team, it will be submitted into festivals and you will network with Britain's film makers of the future, you can use the movie to add to your show reel and it will show the production offices that you are capable of contributing to the making of a short movie. If you come on as an assistant you do not need to have any formal training but you will gain a wealth of practical experience and learn from the team as a whole. Please take a look at our updated website which explains the whole procedure in great detail and if you have any further questions feel free to call me on the number shown below.

Many thanks
Tina Lockett
Straight curve
0845 021 4000


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